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Corundum In Thin Section #1 VTN6-3_2b+.jpg

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Alex Strekeisen

Alex Strekeisen

 Corundum In Thin Section #3 Corundum

Corundum In Thin Section #3 Corundum

Alex Strekeisen

Alex Strekeisen

Samples FKM-1 To FKM-100 | RockPTX
Samples FKM-1 To FKM-100 | RockPTX
Sillimanite .
Sillimanite .
Madagascar Ruby Tschermakite And Anorthite Amphibolite In Thin Section
Madagascar Ruby Tschermakite And Anorthite Amphibolite In Thin Section
Corundum In Thin Section  #9 VTN6-3_1+.jpg
Corundum In Thin Section #9 VTN6-3_1+.jpg

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